Le Koroc A Houseboat From Canada

Canada’s latest entry into my “Coolest Little Houseboat Afloat” contest is Le Koroc. The folks at Daigno in Ottawa, Canada have designed and built an amazing pontoon houseboat. Le Koroc offers the ageless beauty and charm of finely crafted furniture with the best of modern technology. Couple this with their dedication to protecting the environment and you get one of the most stylish and functional little houseboats I’ve ever seen. And did I mention one of the best parts? Like several new designs, It’s fully trailerable.

The houseboat sits on 3 aluminum pontoons for added stability and strength. It weighs in at 5,640 lbs. and is only 8′-6″wide. With an overall length of 26′ and a height of 12′-6″ on the trailer, it can go just about anywhere you can drive.

The outside is wrapped in your choice of different woods. Choose from cedar, pine or spruce, all from sustainable forests and all finished for lasting quality. The roof is painted-metal for years of protection from the elements.

As great as the outside looks, you may really want to check out the interior of this classy pontoon houseboat. This is where the dedication to craftsmanship shines. The time spent on designing the perfect layout shows through in every detail.

You’ve got everything you need neatly tucked into this little pontoon houseboat. Actually, this boat comes with a party deck over 1o feet long and 8′-4″ wide, so it’s truly much more than a tiny home on pontoons. It may be a complete vacation package on wheels.

Check out just some of the standard equipment.

  • 192 liter Gas Tank
  • 90 Hp outboard motor
  • complete dashboard and instrumentation
  • solar power generation
  • water heater
  • Stainless steel sinks
  • refrigerator
  • a complete bathroom with toilet, shower and sink
  • complete marine electric system and lighting
  • and many more features

The company has put a price tag of about $80,000 (Canadian) for all of this and for all you get, and the quality of the whole package, it looks like a great deal to me.

That’s about $60,000 in US dollars. It couldn’t get much better.

The whole story can be seen at Daigno.ca

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